Creating a school where children love to come is the vision of Vega Schools

Being one of the few schools in India that are based on Problem Based Learning, Vega is a pioneer in the 21st century Education. Unlike the redundant and traditional method of learning the teachers and learners at Vega Schools impart a learning that is loved by the children.

Children are full of burning desires and curiosity that give birth to lot of innovations. Through inspiring and motivating activities in school at Vega the children are able to learn the skills that can help them in Future across the globe. Not only through this the children love to come to school but retain the education beyond the school. The culture of promoting happiness with 21st-century Problem Based learning to the children is what the actual vision at Vega Schools.

Through such kind of learning the motor and social skills of the children are revamped with an immersive approach. The children identify a problem and work towards it finding the relevant solution. This in a way provides them with ownership and authority.

Working in a team that is full of their friends and the flexibility of a space where they can easily carry out the activities the children are able to enhance the learning abilities.

At Vega, every child’s talent is respected in such a manner that it helps in making them feel special. Throughout the school hours and beyond at home the energy and happy soul feel of the child is what makes every learner and their parents experience at Vega special.

The atmosphere is completely pollution free retaining the health of the children which makes them feel at ease. Fun-filled learning activities and loving everything that the children are doing is making them happy to go to school.

Sandy Hooda

Sandy Hooda

Sandy Hooda is a first generation entrepreneur with an outstanding track record in technology and hospitality ventures. He realised through personal experience that his school education not only undermined his love of learning, but also played an insignificant role in him becoming successful in life. To better understand whether anyone had solved this education puzzle, he spent three years traveling around the world identifying the most progressive schools and galvanising the superstar education leaders behind these schools in order to create Vega Schools. His life mission is to revolutionise education based on research on ‘why’ and ‘how’ we learn so there is perfect harmony between school education, love of learning, and success in life.

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