Innovate Learning for a Rapidly Changing World

Why should Amazon’s market cap be more than 100 times that of Flipkart? Why does the US stock market constitute 55% of the World’s stock market cap and India only 1%? Can we change all this if we reinvent India’s education? Can our children join ranks with the world’s greatest innovators?

Sandy Hooda

Sandy Hooda

Sandy Hooda is a first generation entrepreneur with an outstanding track record in technology and hospitality ventures. He realised through personal experience that his school education not only undermined his love of learning, but also played an insignificant role in him becoming successful in life. To better understand whether anyone had solved this education puzzle, he spent three years traveling around the world identifying the most progressive schools and galvanising the superstar education leaders behind these schools in order to create Vega Schools. His life mission is to revolutionise education based on research on ‘why’ and ‘how’ we learn so there is perfect harmony between school education, love of learning, and success in life.

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